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General terms and conditions (GTCs)


The general terms and conditions (GTCs) apply to all rentals.


The booking of a holiday apartment represents a binding order to conclude a guest accommodation contract. The orderer assures to be authorized for the accompanying persons and also accepts the general terms and conditions for all other participants.


Conclusion of contract

The guest accommodation contract is binding when the accommodation is ordered and confirmed or provided at short notice. The booking can be made verbally, in written form, by phone, fax or e-mail.
The booking is also made by the guest for all accompanying persons, for whose contractual obligation the booking guest is responsible as for his own obligation. The holiday apartment is left to the guest for the agreed number of persons and for the specified period.


Accommodation price and additional costs

The owed services result exclusively from the booking offer.
The prices quoted include all additional costs, unless otherwise agreed. Payment can be made in advance by bank transfer.


Cancellation fees

A non-utilisation of a booked holiday apartment does not release the guest from a possible payment obligation to the accommodation provider. Cancellation fees can also be charged in the event of a cancellation, which must be declared in writing. The time of receipt of the cancellation notice by the landlord is decisive.
The acquisition of a travel cancellation insurance is recommended.


Cancellation until the 30th day before the beginning of the rental period free of charge
Cancellation until the 15th day before the beginning of the rental period 25 % (but at least € 25)
Cancellation from the 14th day before the beginning of the rental period 50 %
Cancellation from the 5th day before the beginning of the rental period 100 %


Both in the assertion of the claim for fulfilment and flat-rate cancellation fees, the parties to the accommodation contract reserve the right to prove higher or lower cost savings in individual cases. Saved expenses will be offset against the claim for fulfilment. The landlord shall rent out accommodation that has not been used to other parties and shall offset this against the cancellation costs incurred.

Place of jurisdiction is Bamberg


Cancellation by the landlord

The landlord can terminate the contractual relationship before or after the start of the rental period without notice if the tenant does not make the agreed payment on time despite a prior reminder or otherwise behaves in such a way contrary to the contract that the landlord cannot reasonably be expected to continue the contractual relationship.
In this case, the landlord can demand compensation from the tenant for the expenses incurred up to the termination and for the loss of profit.


Liability of the landlord

The landlord is liable for the correctness of the description of the holiday apartment and is obliged to provide the contractually agreed services properly and to maintain them during the entire stay. The landlord is not liable for force majeure (e.g. fire, flood, etc.).


Obligations of the tenant

The accommodation provider is liable for the proper provision of the contractually agreed service. If the rented accommodation has a defect that goes beyond mere discomfort, the guest must immediately notify the owner of the accommodation provider in order to enable the removal of the defect. If the guest omits this notification, he/she is not eligible for any claims due to non-fulfilment of the contractual services.

The lessee is obliged to treat the rented property, including the inventory, with all due care. The guest shall be liable to pay compensation for any culpable damage to furnishings, rented rooms or the building or associated equipment, insofar as such damage was culpably caused by him or his accompanying persons. The landlord is to be informed immediately of any damage incurred. The tenant is liable to pay compensation for any consequential damage caused by failure to notify the landlord in time.

Do not throw or pour waste, ashes, harmful liquids and the like into sinks and toilets. If blockages occur in the sewage pipes due to non-compliance with these regulations, the person causing the blockage shall be responsible for the costs of repair.

The animal keeping during the stay in the apartment is prohibited.


House rules

The tenants are requested to show consideration for each other. In particular, disturbing noises and activities that annoy other tenants and disturb the domestic peace and quiet are to be avoided.


Sound and TV sets should only be set to room volume. Silence is requested in the time from 1pm to 3pm and from 10pm to 8am.